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L.R. Griffin & Associates, Inc. is a full service HUB/WBE Commercial Landscaping & Irrigation Company with 20 years experience. Our desire is to provide you with a complete package from the design stages of your project, to the final inspections with the most professional installed landscaping and irrigation projects available.


We also have a Stormwater Management Program that can assist our clients with government regulations and concerns regarding Stormwater BMP Inspections & Maintenance. Our goal is to help our clients understand these regulations and provide them with the most comprehensive Stormwater Management Services available.

Landscaping & Irrigation

L.R. Griffin & Associates, Inc., is certified in North Carolina for Landscaping and Irrigation and can assist our clients with government regulations and city zoning concerns regarding the installation of plant material and irrigations systems.

Our goal is to help our clients understand these regulations and provide them with the most comprehensive service available with meeting city and county regulation for their particular needs.

Storm Water Management

Storm water is water that originates from rainfall. It may also be used to apply to water that originates with snow melt that enters the storm water system. Storm water that does not soak into the ground becomes surface runoff, which either flows directly into surface waterways or is channeled into storm sewers, which eventually discharge es to surface waters. Impervious surfaces emerged as a factor in the design of large storm water systems that developers must implement in order to make improvements to real property.

Parking Lot Striping

Because of our abundance of abusive weather in these parts, parking lot striping (or painting) is a regular and recurring necessity to keep parking lots looking sharp and organized. Outdoor parking lots and curbs usually require re-striping about every 2-4 years, depending on traffic volume and weather.

Our project managers are experienced at completing projects that require parking lots to remain partially accessible while they are being worked on. We use commercial-grade equipment and materials for a professional-looking and long-lasting finish.

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Jamison S. Griffin

Jamison S. Griffin


Landscaping, Irrigation, Contracts,
Accounting & Office Management


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Lindsey Griffin

Lindsey Griffin


General Construction, Landscaping, Irrigation, Sales, & Bid Submittals.
NC Landscape Contractor License # 0371
NC Irrigation Contractors License # 005
Stormwater BMP Inspection License # 803

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Jerrell Wilson

Jerrell Wilson

Senior Project Manager

NC Irrigation Contractors License # 743              NC Landscape Contractors License # 1178
Pesticide Applicators License # 026-14641

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Kevin Skinner

Kevin Skinner

Senior Estimator

Estimating and General Construction
OSHA 30 Hour Construction & Safety Card Holder

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Peyton Wynne

Peyton Wynne

Project Manager

Landscape Design & Field Supervision                NC Landscaping Contractors License #1907
Pavement Marking Supervisor
Pesticide Applicators License # 026-33325

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Lauren Tripp

Lauren Tripp

Executive Assistant

Contracts, Billing, Estimating, and Office Management

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Leonel Diaz, Jr.

Leonel Diaz, Jr.

Stormwater Division

Stormwater BMP Assistant
Pavement Marking Assistant

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NC Licensed Landscape Contractor #CL0226

NC Licensed Irrigation Contractor #C-005

Certified Stormwater Maintenance Professional #803